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Spiral Mixer PRO – IDRO+ 40Kg

Professional mixer designed and built to obtain highly hydrated doughs.
The dough is an important phase, it is essential to “stretch” the gluten mesh as best as possible.

Thanks to its speed ratios it is the most suitable for particularly hydrated doughs, the Idro + have been designed precisely for this type of processing (Pinsa, Teglia and Pala).

2600€ 1890€

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Mixer type: spiral mixer
Speed: 2 speed
Dough capacity: 40-45 kg
Tank volume: 50 lt
Size: 842 x 530 x 770
Wheel/tire: stock brake
Alimentazione: 400 V
Transmission: gearmotor in oil bath
Power: 1,5/2,2 kw
Weight: 110 kg

Delivery is made by national or private courier within 2-4 working days from the production of the machine.

In most cases the machines are ready for delivery, if you need to know in advance you can contact us before making your purchase.

No rental or financing is available, payment in 2 parts can be requested. The total balance must in any case be received before shipment..


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